Complying with ADA regulations can seem daunting, but, with fines for a first offense as high as $55,000, ignoring these laws can be extremely costly. Let us help you. We have been managing compliancy since the ADA’s inception in 1990. We can help you find the most cost effective and minimally disruptive solution for your property.

STEP 1 — Complete Site Evaluation

The first step when undertaking any ADA upgrades is to conduct a complete site evaluation. An ADA survey will identify the areas of non-compliance in your property and develop innovative solutions to address them.

Some of the things we are looking for are:
  • The number of compliant handicap spaces that are currently available.
  • That the existing stalls have the correct signage, paint markings and access aisles.
  • That the slope of the pavement in the handicap stalls, access aisles and the associated paths of travel are under 2%.
  • That the parking area, sidewalk ramps and paths of travel are compliant.
STEP 2 — Compliancy Plan

In stage two, we work with you to create a plan that specifically identifies the areas of non-compliancy and provides cost effective corrections. It may be necessary to have detailed drawings made for construction and permitting. Not all ADA projects require this level of detail but it is very common for government agencies to require ADA improvements if major renovations or tenant improvements are being performed.

STEP 3 — Construction

In the final stage, the work is completed per the Compliancy Plan developed in Stage Two. It is important to select a contractor with extensive experience in ADA compliance, as mistakes here can be very expensive and time consuming. With over 25 years of experience in ADA modifications, Duraseal is up to the task.